Nerd Nite PDX #16 - What can garbage do for us?

Each American, on average, generates 102 tons of trash in a lifetime, and yet, garbage is an incredible resource that we literally throw away. Luckily, engineers and scientists are coming up with ways to use a lot of that garbage for good. It can be used to create natural gas to heat homes and businesses, and electricity generated by trash can provide alternative energy sources to help reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. Prof. Marco J. Castaldi from City College, City University of New York is a national expert on different ways to get more out of the waste we generate, and he leads a team of engineers who are researching new and emerging technologies to capture more energy from garbage. At this Nerd Nite in partnership with Metro and the program on Let’s Talk Trash, come learn about how garbage is being used in new ways and join in the discussion about the pros and cons of different approaches.